Where is All of the Ammo?

So by now most of you have probably figured out we are in an unprecedented ammunition shortage. The question is when will we get more ammunition in stock? The simple answer is not anytime soon.

Not only has demand shot through the roof, production is down due to COVID-19 and other industry issues like Remington going bankrupt. As a result, companies are not producing as much ammunition and even if they wanted to produce more, they are having a hard time finding components.

When will this correct itself? It could be over a year until things go back to normal. So in the meantime, do not expect to see a lot of ammo on the shelf of any caliber. And when it does come in, it will be in small quantities and at heavily increased prices.

The only way we can get ammo is to get it allocated to us from our sales reps. And with our sales rep having small allocations to hundreds of accounts, it will not be very often.

So why are guns so hard to find too? It is the same situation. So even rifles like Savage Rascal kid’s .22s are hard to find because they simply are not being made.

We highly recommend if you want ammo now, look online or keep beating the bush locally. However, be prepared to pay more and do not hesitate. If you do, you will miss out. Good luck!

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