If we do not have it in stock, we can order it. Text us for price and availability.
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See a gun somewhere and you need a dealer to register it for you? We can do that. Transfer fees are $50 plus $37.19 DROS and sales tax if the original seller does not collect it. Buy a gun from us at the same time and save money!


Do you want to sell a gun to your buddy? We conduct Private Party Transfers as required by law. $10 per gun plus one $37.19 DROS fee. Buy a gun from us at the same time and save money!

If you win a gun on auction, we can be your receiving dealer. This is the same as a transfer. We just need to send our license to the seller. Text us after you win and we will walk you through it. It is easy!
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If you have no idea how California laws work, start with our CA Laws page. Still confused? Come on in or call and we will explain them to you the best we can.
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Expert Advice

Wes has been selling guns in California since 2005. He does not want to sell you the gun he wants, but the gun you want. We can help you make an informed buying decision, but at the end of the day it is your gun and your choice. We are just here to make you a happy customer.

Sorry, we are not a gunsmith and do not offer gunsmithing services.

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